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It’s day 10 of Fair Trade Fortnight and we have some good news to share!

A brand new school is under construction using funds generated from our parent charity, Krizevac Project.

The St. Kizito Primary School is located at the Main Beehive Campus, in Chilomoni, Blantyre, home to Cycle of Good. This primary School aims to offer quality, international-standard educational facilities to severely impoverished children in the local area, and to provide continuity of education to the students at Beehive’s Mother Teresa Children’s Centre (MTCC). The project employs local workers, providing employment and skills-training in a community where 42.7% of the labour force is inactive (according to the ONS).


“The St. Kizito school will be a centre of educational excellence, welcoming and supporting some of the poorest children in the community; these children will be provided with an opportunity to reach their full potential in a way that would be near impossible without its presence.”  Julianne Cassidy, St. Kizito Primary School Architect


A tiered fee structure will be used, with one third of students paying full fees, one third partially subsidised by Beehive and the final third on full scholarships. This will allow the poorest in the community to access quality education, whilst creating a sustainable framework from which Beehive can fund its on-going running costs. The aim is to create an international level of teaching, with UK space standards and ratios, such as 1 Teacher to every 30 students, as opposed to the local 1:120 standard. All students will be encouraged to complete their primary school education and to go onto secondary school. This would be a great achievement in an area where only 58% complete primary school. All students will be supported by Beehive’s community outreach programmes such as the Family Support Office and the Extended School Workers teams.

The school will take in 480 new students and 32 teaching staff will undergo training.

We’ll keep you posted on progress through 2021 as the doors are expected to open in early 2022!

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