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Own A Piece Of British Heritage - Buy One Give One Elephant Bike

Mammoth Bike

✔Genuine British postal bikes, handmade in the UK.
✔Professionally restored.
✔Fitted chain guard, panniers, basket & cover.
✔You buy one, we give one to charity.
✔Fully Loaded  for Christmas  £365*.

Buy One Give One

All Our Products are Vegan Friendly, Recycled and Fairly Traded!

We are home to the famous Elephant Bike and we produce ethical quality goods handcrafted in
Malawi using recycled materials such as old bicycle inner tubes, coffee sacks and surplus lorry curtain saved from UK landfill.

We train tailors in the world’s poorest places so they can earn a decent living and support their families.

All the money we make pays for childcare and non-profit social enterprise in Malawi.

It’s why it’s called the Cycle of Good!