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please give a brick!

If you are inspired by what we do, and would like to help, please give a brick!

Every time you buy a Cycle of Good product you are directly helping to transform the lives of hundreds of vulnerable children in Malawi… how? Easy, you’re helping to build eco-friendly, aspiration growing, long-lasting education and training centres.

Every bag, wallet and belt we sell helps to fund some very special bricks. What’s so special about a brick I hear you ask? Well, Cycle of Good bricks cleverly inter-link and are made from compressed soil, with only 5% cement to stabilise them, and no mortar course between each layer, that’s a lot less cement than is traditionally used.

helping communities in malawi
bricks drying

But the real beauty about Cycle of Good bricks, is that they dry in the Malawian sunshine. Usually bricks in Malawi are burned in a brick built kiln which uses felled trees to burn them until dry. The Malawian brick-making industry alone consumes approximately 850,000 metric tons of wood per year (mdpi.com). This is a disaster in a country that is seeing deforestation on a massive scale.

Environmental change and climate warming affects the poorest of the poor more than anyone else, they are the first to feel the impact, yet the least able to affect change.

You are creating positive change every time you support Cycle of Good.

In 2021, with your support, we have helped to build a stunning eco-block, solar powered primary school which will offer quality primary education to 450 students.

people in Malawi
construction in malawi
In 2022 we will begin the construction of a brand new enterprise training centre, which will house, amongst other initiatives, the brand new Cycle of Good workshops.

We Would Love Your Support