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Day 1, off we go!

To support this annual campaign, we’d thought we’d take up the challenge set by BAFTS (Fair Trade Network UK), of which we are members, to share our passion for fair trade, recycling and stories from Malawi over the next 14 days.

Don’t worry! We won’t bombard your inbox everyday but we will be sharing daily insights on all things Cycle of Good via social media. We’d love you to help us share our story and the importance of creating a fairer trading platform for all.

You might think that sharing a social media post is a small, insignificant act but if it helps to reach just one person who will then go onto consider the tailor, farmer or worker and their families who benefit so much from ethical, fair trade, then you’ve helped to drive positive change. After all, you’ve already made a huge contribution just from choosing to be part of the Cycle of Good. In the words of this years campaign, ‘it’s time to chose the world you want’……

During the new two weeks, we’ll share wonderful stories about our team in Malawi but if you don’t want to wait, have read about how our very own Martha Nalivata came up with our latest tote bag made from 100% recycled materials!

Martha Nalivata

Recycled Tote Bag – The “Martha”

Last but not least, to mark day one, we’re sharing an event! We’ve teamed up with some wonderful organisations who believe in the value of fair trade to present a fantastic giveaway! Look out for more details via social media on how to enter.

Many thanks from the Cycle of Good team!

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