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A Very Merry Vegan Christmas ……..

Tell your friends and family it’s your first Vegan Christmas in advance

Brief your family and friends about the Quorn sausages wrapped in tofu bacon that you’ll be subbing in for pigs in blankets, Then, they won’t be surprised on the day, but expecting some new vegan alternatives.

Win sceptics over with fun vegan facts and celebrities

If your friends and family aren’t vegan, the likelihood is your dietary demands will be met with cynicism or confusion come the festive season. Equipped yourself with fun vegan Trivial Pursuit facts and plant-based celebrity names to impress with.

When it comes to your vegan Christmas dinner, mix up your flavours

It’s worthwhile making sure you mix up the seasonings and flavourings on your different dishes. Add flavour that will differentiate your main element from the traditional veg ‘accompaniments’, don’t use the same herb or flavouring on everything

Remember, there’s more to Christmas than food

Christmas is about love, cheer and spending quality time with family: being together, making memories and rounding the year on a high note. Sure, roast potatoes and stuffing are great, but they’re not what you’ll remember for years to come.

Don’t forget your vegan Christmas jumper

Generally speaking, all acrylic jumpers count as vegan Christmas jumpers. you may love the selection of vegan Christmas jumpers from Pave Patterns.

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