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Hi Sarah here!

In the past few years I’ve tried to shop ethically for Christmas presents, I’ve had some great charity shop and car boot finds, sewn and knitted gifts (to varying degrees of success!) and a couple of years ago gave gifts I had designed for Cycle of Good.

When it comes to wrapping gifts I always leave that till Christmas eve afternoon, for some people that’s a bit late but I put on a Christmas film or two, get all the gifts and wrapping together and ensure that I have tea on tap. I feel like a real Christmas elf!





I’ve used up all my old gift wrap paper, so now choose to use brown paper with ribbons and last year used paper that I got from the Dorset Scrapstore which was donated by Lush (all biodegradable paper).








This year I’d love to use our Coffee sack Christmas stocking to pop my gifts in, they’re eco friendly and can be used year after year, I’ve also got my eye on some of the Chitenge bags to wrap my gifts in, they’re so vibrant and my family will love and appreciate them.








Christmas past

I have a Christmas sack that my parents use every year to give me my gifts in, I’ve had this since I was about 10, I love that this comes out every year. I also have a Vintage 1930’s Santa from my grandparents, you pull his body apart to reveal a small gift inside, I’ve had many a jazzy pair of earrings from Santa’s belly!

I think this started my appreciation of Christmas decorations, I have many boxes of glittery decorations from the 1920’s to the 80’s, most of which have been found by rummaging through boxes at car boot sales.



And to all those good girls and boys, write your letter to Santa, you never know what odds and ends you’ll get!

Have a great weekend!


Team CoG

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