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Recycled Inner Tube Belt 35mm

Was £28.00, Now £10.00

Take advantage of the last 35mm belts available, order as many as you need for your shop or website, prices shown are available to wholesalers.

Comfortable, super strong, vegan friendly and really stylish! Our recycled inner tube belts will last and last.





Need a new belt for work, that new pair of jeans or just because? Then look no further!!

Made from four layers of recycled inner tube, using this clever design of layering the inner tube gives the belt a sleek, smooth look and the popper on the buckle means you can change your buckle with just two quick pops to suit your look.

These ethically made, vegan friendly belts come in one width 35mm and in two waist sizes, up to 34″ and up to 40″. With classic parallel lines sewn in orange cotton.

Some of our recycled inner tubes have manufacturers writing or the odd puncture repair patch meaning no two belts will ever be identical and measurements may vary due to the handmade nature of the item.

This product would make a perfect Eco Friendly Gift.

Inner tube products contain butyl rubber. Butyl rubber contains PAH’s. Keep away from the mouth and avoid prolonged contact with the skin.


Measures: 1100mm fits up to 34″ waist or 1200mm which will fit up to a 40″ waist.