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Recycled Inner Tube Cycling Shorts- Unisex. Proven aero-dynamic performance results!

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Thank you for humouring us by joining in with our April Fool’s Day prank!

Of course we haven’t invented recycled inner tube cycling shorts, that would just be too silly! But we do have lots of other great recycled products that are actually real and available to buy, please take a look while you are here (and share us on social media so you’re friends know about us too). Every penny we make helps to fund education and early years care for vulnerable children in Malawi, it’s why we’re called the Cycle of Good!

We do have real products made from recycled tubes though – see our range here.


News Release

Embargoed until 1st April, 2021

British/Swiss Invention Guarantees 50% Cycling Speed Boost

It is a well-known fact that the biggest factor stopping cyclists from riding faster is the cyclist. But what is less well known is that it is the aerodynamics of the rider as opposed to fitness levels, that has the biggest impact on speed. For years, this has meant trying to cheat the wind by reducing surface friction with traditional methods such as lycra clothing, aerodynamically profiled helmets, and leg waxing. But all that is about to change with the launch of a ground-breaking invention from Cycle of Good.

Five years ago, this innovative, Staffordshire based charity set out on a mission to transform the unsustainable and ecologically damaging synthetic dominating habits of the cycle industry by providing high-performance recycled alternatives. Vince Owen (52), Managing Director of the charity explains, “We’re thrilled to be launching what we hope to be the first in a long line of fully recycled performance cycle wear. We have invested millions of pounds and years of our lives in intensive R&D, alongside our Swiss partner, Olaf Priol. We are now finally able to share our aerodynamically designed, imbalance correcting, gender-neutral, cycle shorts. We’re so confident in their design that if you don’t beat your PB by at least 25% on the first wearing, we will offer a full refund”.

The shorts, which are made from 100% recycled inner tubes are hand-crafted by artisans in Malawi. They feature a unique air-flow® system, whereby cyclists can use their bicycle pump to inflate the seat area of the shorts through two cleverly positioned valves. This not only improves comfort but corrects an imbalanced cadence as each cheek can be balanced to an even pressure. Vince went on to tell us, “We expected just a marginal gain but just couldn’t believe the performance results; we’ve seen our riders improve their times by up to 52.5% and not only that, they report fewer muscle strains and shortened recovery times over distances of 200km”.

The charity was excited by the results, but naturally sceptical as it just seemed too good to be true. So, they requested additional testing by Dan Bigham, currently riding for UCI Continental Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling, and his colleagues at WattShop in Newcastle Under Lyme. Dan carried out rigorous performance modelling, analysis and aero-testing; he could not believe the drag reduction! “I have never seen so little aero drag. As soon as I slipped the shorts on, I knew they were good”, Dan told us, “The genius addition is the air-flow® system, I didn’t even know that I had uneven buttocks before I added the additional air. From now on I will wear nothing else.  I also love the fact that they are saving the planet and eradicating poverty at the same time. That has to be a Cycle of Good!”.

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