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Recycled Inner Tube Coin Purse


The Chuma

Made from Recycled Inner Tube

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The Chuma

Pockets full of change, nowhere to put it when you get home? Our handy coin purse is just the thing you need!!

The Chuma is made from recycled inner tube by fairly paid tailors in Malawi. This cute little zipped purse is perfect for keeping your coins and notes safe. Designed with convenience in mind, the purse is ideal for nipping to the shops for that pint of milk, for the little ones to keep their pocket money in or for keeping the bedside table nice and tidy.

The purse is engraved with our iconic Cycle of Good logo and is shower proof to keep everything inside dry.

Some of our recycled inner tubes have manufacturers writing or the odd puncture repair patch meaning no two glasses cases will ever be identical.

Measures: Length 12.5cm  Height 9cm

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