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Recycled Elephant Dung & Banana Pulp Notebook

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The Ndowe

Made from Recycled Elephant Dung and Banana Pulp

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The Ndowe

Like making list, keeping notes or writing your diary? Then we have the perfect solution!!

The Ndowe is made from recycled Elephant Dung by a paper-making co-operative in Blantyre Malawi

The notebook uses Elephant dung for the cover and banana pulp for the inner pages. This Elephant Dung Notebook is a perfect gift for the bicycle lover in your life! Decorated with a Malawian bicycle related image with a collage lovingly created from scraps of cloth and plant fiber.

The pages have a thick parchment feel, slightly uneven for that reason it is not ideal as a school exercise book, but perfect for doodling away, perhaps the odd water-colour or why not use it as a journal of your cycling adventures!

Due to the nature of this item, some slight variation in size and style may occur.

Measures: A5 in size and has 25 pages.