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Recycled Spoke Hooks (Pack of Ten)

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The Moni

Made from Recycled spoke hocks

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The Moni

Looking for a great storage solution, somewhere to keep your jewellery? We have got just the thing for you!!

The Moni are made from bicycle spoke’s taken from buckled bike wheels. By saving all of these spokes we have not only created a beautiful product, but a job for someone in Malawi.

Possibly the most practical recycled product ever, these multi-purpose “butcher’s hooks” come in a pack of 10, are beautiful, quirky and so very useful.

You can use them in every room around the house from the bathroom to the shed, for hanging your cups, pans and utensils to your towels, jewellery and wash bags. You can even hang spanners, scissors, tape measure, paper clips, cycle hat, scarfs, coat and…well, we could go on.

Due to the nature of this item, some slight variation in size and style may occur.

Measures: Length 12cm