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Upcycled Newspaper Gift Bags- set of five

On sale: £2.40 - £3.00

Malawian newspaper gift bags, great for giving to friends, great news for the planet!

Set of five

Large measure- 26cm x 18.5cm

Small measure- 22cm x 11cm



For those of you who want to give a gift that says “I care for you and for the planet”, these newspaper gift bags are really back to basics, low-impact, minimalism.

They are made from pre-read Malawian newspapers by a women’s paper making Co-op called Pamette, which is just around the corner from our tailoring workshops in Chilomoni. You can gift them to friends, but also spend happy hours reading all about the news in Malawi, perusing the job-section, or checking out the football results for Blantyre under 16s; we can promise you it makes a fascinating read, especially for everyone who loves Malawi as much as we do!

You’ll receive a set of five. The larger size are great all-rounders, measuring – 26cm x 18.5cm and the smaller bags measuring – 22cm x 11cm are perfect for smaller items… maybe an inner tube wallet or purse!

Please note, due to the nature of newsprint, you may want to wrap items in a little tissue paper to keep them completely ink free.