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Recycled Lorry Curtain Bicycle Panniers

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The ultimate bike accessory for the eco-conscious cycling shopper or commuter.

These stunning panniers, in glorious post-box red, are made from recycled lorry-curtain which is tough and shower-proof, yet also cool and stylish! Capacious enough for your shopping, office gear or gym kit. You can opt for a single or a pair.

We’ve designed these with a flexible system of slots on the back so that you can supply the fixing straps that suit you best- some people like quick release, some prefer a good old-fashioned buckle; our panniers let you choose.

If you opt to add on our recycled inner-tube strap pack you will receive two top buckle straps to fix to the top of your rear rack, one hub secure strap and one shoulder strap so that when you take the pannier off the bike, you can turn it into a durable shoulder bag or rucksack.

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Our recycled lorry-curtain panniers are made with durability and practicality in mind. It’s a bonus that they look great too!

Each pannier measures approx 42cm across and 40cm when fully closed (approx 8lts). The adjustable front strap and roll-over top means that the height extends to 48cm making it roomy enough for a huge lot of shopping (approx 10 lts).

Its double stitch seam construction makes it a super strong bag, we’ve tested it up to 8kg. Inside there is an internal divider giving you a handy pouch to keep more fragile items away from the bulk of your load.

They are fitted with two rows of punched slots which will fit a wide variety of fixings. We’ve purposefully deigned this so that you can supply your own pannier rack fittings if you want a quick release option. Or, if you’re a fan of old fashioned buckles like we are, you can add-on our strap-packs which contains 2 x top buckle straps, 2 x hub secure straps (you only need one, but we’ve given you two sizing options) and 1 x shoulder strap so that each pannier turns into a shoulder bag or rucksack when you’ve removed it from your bike, all made from strong double layered recycled inner tube. This flexibility means that our panniers will fit any rear pannier-rack, they’re not just designed with Elephant Bikes in mind!

As with all of our recycled products, some variation in colour may occur.

Handmade in Malawi by our fairly paid tailors.

Inner tube products contain butyl rubber. Butyl rubber contains PAH’s. Keep away from the mouth and avoid prolonged contact with the skin.

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