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Recycled Inner Tube Keyring

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Handy recycled inner tube keyring, it can pop on to your belt or bag strap, bike handlebars for added security and convenience, so you’ll never lose those keys again!

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Recycled Inner Tube Keyring

Forever misplacing your house keys, can never remember where your bike lock key is? Then pick up our handy key ring fob today!!

It has a popper so you can clip it to your bag strap, belt or bike handlebars for added security and convenience.

Made from recycled inner tube by our fairly paid tailors in Malawi.

It has a split ring which can hold all your keys and is Vegan Friendly. What more can you ask for?

Some of our recycled inner tubes have manufacturers writing or the odd puncture repair patch meaning no two key ring fobs will ever be identical.

This product would make a perfect Eco Friendly Gift.

Measures: 5cm x 5cm.


Inner tube products contain butyl rubber. Butyl rubber contains PAH’s. Keep away from the mouth and avoid prolonged contact with the skin.

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