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Elephant Bike – Buy One Give One

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Sorry you’ve missed out on purchasing an Elephant Bike, we are sold out.

We love to chat about all things Elephant Bike so please call us on 01543 888494 if you have any questions.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Sorry you’ve missed out on purchasing an Elephant Bike, we are sold out.

We’re currently offering these with £50 off – so order yours now while you still can!!

Included with all Elephant Bike order is a Free Recycled Lorry Curtain Basket.

  • It’s the original “buy one, give one” bike. You buy one, we give a bicycle to our social enterprise in Malawi where owning a bike transforms lives.
  • Limited edition: there will never be more than 5000 Elephant Bikes, making these individually numbered, fully refurbished postal bikes a real collectors’ piece.
  • Helping to build the skills of young people not in education, employment or training.

How we prepare your bike:

Each bike has been stripped down to its bare essentials; it is then shot-blasted and re-coated in your choice of our three “elephant friendly” shades of green. Your bike is carefully re-built, using quality new parts where necessary. Finally it is professionally cleaned and ride-tested and m-checked prior to dispatch. We cannot eliminate every sign of its age or previous use, but your bike will be checked to make sure there is no remaining rust or obvious flaws. We’ll also check that parts that are supposed to move, move smoothly and bits that are not supposed to move – don’t!

Our promise to you is simple. If you’re not happy, we’ll fully refund your purchase on receipt of the returned bicycle.

Elephant Bike Specification:

  • Frame – durable steel 22 or 18 inch step-through design frame.
  • Gears – 3 speed, trigger shifter, low maintenance hub gears. Heavy duty steel cranks.
  • Brakes – tested for stopping power in wet and dry conditions
  • Saddle – Designed, padded and sprung for comfort.
  • Wheels and Tyres – 26″ rear and 24″ front alloy rims with 13 gauge spokes with 1¾” tyres. Bikes are supplied with original tyres, with at least 50% of original tread remaining, no splits, cracks or other damage.
  • Load Carrying – 20kg on rear carrier. Additional 20kg front carrier.
  • Supplied with one rear red reflector as standard.
  • Overall weight approx. 23kg
  • Bipod kickstand included.
  • You can choose between a plastic tray or palm leaf basket, if you want both there’s a £12 charge.
  • Chainguard is £30.

Which Frame Size?

Choosing the right frame size for you depends on your height, inside leg measurement and your reach. You are welcome to phone us for advice, but as a rough guide:

The smaller frame is recommended for riders with a 27-35 inch inseam (inside-leg), and the larger frame for riders with a 31-40 inch inseam. Riders sized 31-35 inches can adjust either frame to fit.

Mainland UK delivery for just £30 – shipping cost may differ depending on Postcode.

Your Elephant Bike will arrive boxed and carefully wrapped, but getting an elephant in a box is never easy! To make it possible, we turn the handlebars in-line with the frame and we remove the pedals (please don’t worry; we will include them in the same box). We’ll give you, free of charge, some handy little bike tools so you can easily fit the pedals and turn the handlebars and attach the front carrier if ordered… then you’re ready to ride.

Your order is complete when we receive payment in full,  we will then email your registered account email address to confirm your order and to provide an estimated delivery date. Delivery times can vary between 2-3 weeks. If you require delivery for a certain date please contact us BEFORE placing any order so we can confirm your delivery date. Your Elephant Bike will be carefully wrapped and packaged and delivered to your door by a reputable carrier to UK mainland addresses, please contact us prior to ordering if you require delivery to a postcode where normal delivery exclusions apply. We will provide you with tracking information and you will be required to sign for your delivery. Customer collection from our Longton warehouse is also welcome during standard office hours, please contact us prior to ordering if you wish to collect.


We hope that you are completely happy with your Elephant Bike and that you enjoy many years of happy cycling. However, if you are not, here’s what to do:

Order Arrived Damaged or Incomplete? Please telephone us as soon as you can or email us within 14 working days of delivery and we will arrange to send missing parts, cover the cost of repair at your local independent bike shop, or to arrange a collection and refund or replacement at no cost to you.

Changed your mind? We know that these things happen, however, if you have simply decide you no longer wish to have an Elephant Bike you will need to return it to us at the address above within 14 days of delivery to you. You will be responsible for the return shipping costs.


Need to know

What size frame do I need?

Choosing the right frame size for you depends on your height, inside leg measurement and your reach. You are welcome to phone us for advice, but as a rough guide: The smaller frame is recommended for riders with a 27-35 inch inseam (inside-leg), and the larger frame for riders with a 31-40 inch inseam. Riders sized 31-35 inches can adjust either frame to fit.


Small Frame
Small Frame
Tall Frame
Tall Frame
Diagram Number And Description
Imp (“)
Met (Cm)
Imp (“)
Met (Cm)
Frame Size, measured from crank centre to top of down tube
Saddle in lowest position to pedal in low position
Saddle in highest position to pedal in low position
Step through height from ground
Reach from saddle post to centre handle bar post (with saddle in low position)
Carrier dimensions (outer) width x depth
21 x15.5
53.3 x 39.3
21 x 15.5
53.3 x 39.3
Front wheel diameter
Rear wheel diameter
Rear carrier length
Handle bar adjustment range


General Questions

1.    How many gears do the bikes have?

3 gears. Fairly low geared as the bikes were designed to carry weight. They are Stumey Archer drum gears

2.    Can I try a bike before I buy one?

You are more than welcome to come to Staffordshire to try a bike any time during standard office hours. If you don’t live close by, please contact us on 01543 888494.

3.   What is the total carrying capacity of the bike?

The maximum weight capacity according to the original Royal Mail guidance is 150kg or about 23 stone (includes the rider).

4.   Can I have custom colours and logo?

All the colours we have on offer are shown on the website, but we can give you a quote for custom logos in place of the elephant bike frame stickers if you would like company branding for your business. Please just give us a call!

5.    Can I fit a child seat?

Yes, many standard rear or up-front seats fit.

6.   How much does the bike weigh?

Around 23kg

7.    Do you fit new parts?

We re-use all serviceable and working parts wherever possible, we like to recycle! There are some exceptions; every bike has a brand new bottom bracket, brake and gear cables, mudguards, stand, reflectors and 80% have new saddles and bells. All Elephant bikes are checked, tested and then tested again before we dispatch your bike.

8.   I have a mechanical problem with my bike, can you help?

We provide a six month guarantee (normal domestic use only) for all mechanical parts of your bike, so if you have a problem within six months of purchase, please contact us so we can help you. We will either send you a spare part to fit yourself if it’s easy. Or we’ll ask you to take your bike to your local independent bikes shop and we’ll pay the bill. In extreme and rare circumstances, we will replace your bike completely at no cost to you at all. Please see our full terms and conditions on the buy a bike page, or on your order confirmation email.

9.   I’ve change my mind and I don’t want my bike now that I’ve tried it?

No problem, these things happen. Just let us know within 14 days of purchase. We will ask you to pay for the return collection costs. Put the bike back in the box so that we can arrange to have it collected on a day that suits you. Once returned we will issue a refund. Please see our full terms and conditions on the buy a bike page, or on your order confirmation email.

Delivery Options:

1.    Can I collect the bike from you?

Yes, you are more than welcome to collect your bike any time Monday to Friday in office hours. Please select the collection option when completing check-out so that we don’t charge you for delivery. Let us know if you’d like it boxed or unboxed.

2.   Do you deliver internationally?

No, we only deliver our Elephant Bikes to UK addresses, but you can arrange your own courier.

3.   Do I have to be at home when my bike is delivered?

Yes, all deliveries need a signature. Our standard delivery needs you to be available to receive your bike between 8am-6pm, but we will always phone or email you before we dispatch so that you know exactly which day your bike will arrive, the courier will give you a time slot on the day of delivery.

4.   Can I have a timed delivery?

Unfortunately we can’t book a timed delivery, your bike will be delivered between 8am to 6pm. But the courier will text you with a time slot on the day of delivery.

5.   Can I have my delivery on a Saturday?

Yes, there is a £15 surcharge for this. You will need to specify a Saturday delivery when you go through our check-out and the surcharge will be automatically applied.

6.  I live in a narrow lane/ restricted access property, can you still deliver?

Please call us on 01543 888494 before you place your order so that we can double check your delivery options.

7.   I live on the 4th floor of a block of flats with no lift?

Your bicycle weighs about 23kg, we would seriously recommend that you re-consider and purchase a bike that weighs a lot less if you have a lot of stairs to negotiate on a regular basis.

8.  Is my bike flat packed?

No! Your bike is all built ready for you. We do turn the handle bars and remove the pedals, but we provide you with the instructions and tools to attach these, you can be riding 10 minutes after you receive your boxed Elephant!

Charity Work

1.   Is the bike sent to Malawi exactly the same as my Elephant Bike?

No, we do not renovate the bikes we send to Malawi, we ship them in the condition we receive them. When they arrive in Malawi, they go to Beebike, our bike workshops. There, our experienced bike mechanics give them a good check over and carry out all repairs. This helps to provide much needed employment in Chilomoni (the township where we work).

2.    Do you only send Elephant Bikes to Malawi?

No, we send all sorts of donated bikes to Malawi, we send as many postal bikes as we can, because they are so strong and good for African roads. We also send mountain bikes, cargo bikes, road bikes, even children’s bikes. We typically send 3 times as many bikes to Malawi as we sell in the UK each year.

3.   What happens to the bikes when they arrive in Malawi?

They are renovated and sold, relatively low cost, to anyone who needs a bike. The money raised from the bike sales in Malawi funds vital childcare and family support for vulnerable local children.

4.  Why is it important to get bikes to Malawi?

Owning a bike in Malawi is life transforming! It means you can cycle to school or work which can save time and money. It means you can transport goods to market or set up your own business. Studies in comparable areas show that household income levels can rise by about 35% if a family owns a bike.

5.   How do I know this is all happening… do you really send a bike to Malawi?

We work incredibly closely with our Malawi projects. We load the shipping containers ourselves here in Staffordshire and quite often, one of us will help unload it in Malawi too! We are in constant communication with our colleagues in Malawi and very involved with all the work. All of our charity work is audited and checked, we submit annual reports to the Charities Commission and you can see all of our annual returns on their website, please just search for Krizevac Project registered number 1115608.

6.    Can I contact the person in Malawi who receives my “give one” bike?

No, this is not possible. The bikes in Malawi are sold as a normal commercial transaction (albeit not-for-profit to fund the children’s centre) and we’re proud the Malawi bike workshops operate as a business rather than a charity project. We don’t keep track of the customers or share their details. Where possible we do ask people to share their stories and we share these with you via video and social media updates.

7.   Can I donate a bike to you?

Yes please! If you can deliver it to us, we welcome donations.

8.    Do you only take bikes or are there other things you collect for Malawi?

We collect and send bikes, books and sewing machines, school supplies, school shoes and sports shoes, as well as the occasional JCB! You can see some great short films about all of our work on our Krizevac site Movie Page.

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