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Malawi Mzuzu AA Coffee

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Fairtrade certified organic coffee with notes of walnut, dates and chocolate.




The Misuku mountains where our beans come from are part of the same mountainous Great African Rift Valley where the premium, high-altitude Rwandan coffee is grown. The coffee cherries are hand-harvested at dawn and brought to be pulped in the early afternoon. Careful washing and grading is carried out on the same day and then the wet beans settle into separate fermenting tanks. The fermented coffee is dried on raised beds then sampled for moisture content, green graded, roast assessed and cupped.

After shipping through Mozambique, the best AA-graded beans arrive at Chartley Coffee in the UK where their expert roasters use vintage profile roasting machines to ensure consistent quality of this speciality coffee.

About the Coffee

Origin: Malawi
Process: Fully washed
Altitude: 1200 – 2000m
Harvest: May – October
Flavour: Walnut, Dates, Chocolate
SCA score: 86.5
Varietal: Catimor 129 (Nyika), Geisha

✔ Grown at a height over 1,200m in the mountains of the Misuku, north Malawi, ensuring a perfect environment for the premium quality beans
✔ Hand-picked, washed and fermented by the Misuku cooperative
✔ Growers receive a good price for their beans and live in good conditions
✔ Profile roasted, by hand, on vintage roasters
✔ Freshly roasted to order, ensuring the best flavour
✔ Our UK roasters, Chartley Coffee are volunteering their time and professional machinery freely to help us through lockdown, maximising benefit to charity
✔ Biodegradable packaging
✔ All profits to charity: Cycle of Good has been working in Malawi since 2000 building schools, a wonderful Surestart Children’s Centre and growing enterprises to support these in the Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise

Everything about this speciality coffee tells you it is crafted with care: care for the people involved in every stage, care for the environment and care for a quality, finished product with sublime taste, all of which creates an invitation for you to buy a packet of coffee and share in the warm feeling of being part of the Cycle of Good.



Every bag of amazing Malawi coffee that you buy allows us to bring people in Malawi out of poverty and into a life of dignity and self sufficiency. It’s organic, AA rated and fairtrade certified – so it’s doing good at every stage!


Cycle of Good is a UK charity funding education and development in Malawi by selling products, many of which come from Malawi. We work with producers to build their skills and the quality of products and, unlike most speciality coffee sellers, we are a charity so ALL profits go to children’s education and to support the most needy whom we work with in Malawi. We don’t ask for donations, except for emergency appeals but instead we run businesses, where possible involving our beneficiaries as co-creators. Cycle of Good customers believe our products are good quality and our processes are life enhancing and sustainable.


This year, we have received an amazing offer from Chartley Coffee, a second-generation family coffee roasting business based in the heart of England. Inspired by our work in Malawi,they wanted to do something to help, so volunteered their services. Chartley are supplied by a number of fairly traded and Soil Association approved sources and the Misuku cooperative and smallholder coffee growers in Malawi are one of these. The aim of the cooperative is that every smallholder farmer has a good house (with steel roof, concrete floor, plastered walls and good ventilation), three meals a day, enough warm clothing, and are able to send their children to school.


58 year old Tebbie Chabinga pays for her two children to attend secondary school with the proceeds from her coffee. She is one of the Misuku cooperative’s more established farmers, growing coffee since 1998. Tebbie currently tends 3,500 coffee trees producing 8,500kgs of cherries and has just planted 872 new trees. With her coffee sales Tebbie has bought cement to plaster the house and also 2 cows, 5 goats, 23 chickens and a solar power kit and has opened a successful grocery shop. Tebbie is one of many inspiring success stories from the Misuku cooperative!

Everything about this speciality coffee tells you it is crafted with care: care for the people involved in every stage, care for the environment and care for a quality, finished product with sublime taste, all of which creates an invitation for you to buy a packet of coffee and share in the warm feeling of being part of the Cycle of Good.



1. What is ‘Speciality Coffee’?

To be called a ’speciality coffee’, a coffee has to have scored higher than 80/100 when judged for quality by the Specialty Coffee Association. Coffees are scored based on factors like balance, sweetness, acidity and mouthfeel. In short, it’s the best of the best!

2. Is your coffee Fairtrade?


3. Is your coffee Organic?


4. Should I buy ground coffee or whole beans?

If you’re able to grind your own coffee at home, then we recommend that you buy whole beans and grind them fresh for each brew. If not, you can buy your coffee already ground – it’ll still taste great!


1. How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is absolutely free!

2. How long does delivery take?

Our coffee is roasted on Thursdays and sent via Royal Mail on Fridays, so your coffee should be with you within a few days of being roasted.

3. Do you deliver internationally?

Unfortunately we can only deliver coffee within the UK at the moment.


1. Do all the profits really go to charity?

Yes, absolutely! All of the profits generated from selling coffee go straight to Krizevac Project, a charity doing amazing work in Malawi and beyond. What’s more, our roasters, Chartley Coffee, are generously giving us the coffee at cost price, so even more of the money goes straight to making a difference in peoples’ lives!

2. What do the profits do to help people in Malawi?

Krizevac Project creates self-sustaining businesses to provide lasting income which is then used to help the poorest of the poor. This multiplies benefit from the donations which have seeded the start of new enterprises. Krizevac Project has helped organisations in deprived communities to succeed by constructing quality buildings and by providing essential equipment and skilled volunteers.

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