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1. Christmas dinner with all the trimmings

For plastic-free veg and some of the best deals, head to your local market. You can get meat without plastic too.

Just remember to take your own reusable bags and containers.

2. Christmas wrapping paper

Lots of wrapping paper contains plastic. Opt for the understated elegance of brown parcel paper, adding natural decorations like spruce or homemade cookies.

3. Recycled Christmas cards

You’ll be doing your bit by ordering cards printed on recycled, uncoated cardboard.

But if you really want to cut down on waste, send e-cards.

4. Edible Christmas decorations

What’s better than pretty Christmas decorations? Pretty delicious ones that you can eat.

Things like tinsel and baubles are normally full of plastic. A tasty alternative is to hang home-baked Christmas cookies from the tree.

Strings of popcorn and cranberries also add a bit of sparkle.

5. Green Christmas trees

All Christmas trees are green. Firstly, if you’ve got a fake tree, keep using it – make it last as long as possible.

If not, get a real tree with an FSC logo or one approved by the Soil Association

Feeling a bit radical? Decorate a large perennial indoor plant like a yucca.


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