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The “Anything Goes”- recycled lorry curtain cube bag

On sale: £6.00 - £9.60

Organise, tidy, store and travel, “Anything Goes”!  Recycled lorry curtain cube bags, in five useful sizes, fairly made by our tailors in Malawi.

Colour choices: reds/greys or blues/white.



These are truly useful, bags! The smaller bags are perfect for a pencil case, make-up bag, cable tidy bag or for holding your puncture repair kit. The largest will hold your muddy trainers, your workshop tools, or your arts and crafts supplies. Literally “Anything Goes”! We’ve used them when packing for holiday to keep luggage organised and Sarah our Product Designer never goes away without her leads and chargers in the size 3 bag. You will wonder how you managed without these bags in your life!

Made from off-cuts of lorry curtain siding, that would otherwise have gone to UK landfill. The bags are super tough and completely washable. They each have a handle made from recycled inner tube and they close with a strong zip. Colours will vary slightly as we’re working with recycled materials, but you can choose between red/grey or blue/white.

Size 1 Measures = 18cm x 10cm x 7.5cm

Size 2 Measures = 18cm x 11cm x 9.5cm

Size 3 Measures = 20.5cm x 13cm x 11cm

Size 4 – SOLD OUT

Size 5 Measures = 34cm x 15cm x 14cm

Made in Malawi by our fairly paid tailors. Recycled materials may show flaws or signs of previous use, but are still perfectly strong.

This product would make a perfect Eco Friendly Gift.

Inner tube products contain butyl rubber. Butyl rubber contains PAH’s. Keep away from the mouth and avoid prolonged contact with the skin.