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  • Christmas is a time for giving, if you still have gifts to buy or even if you are done, why not donate to our project and help us keep on sending bikes to Malawi. Every bike we send really does help to change a life for the better, they open up the world of education and employment. 100% of every donation we receive will go toward the cost of sending the bikes to Malawi. Simply click on the donate button and help to change a life for the better, Thank you for your

  • We exist to end poverty in Malawi. But we’re trying hard to build good into every stage of our project and that includes doing good in Britain too! So far Cycle of Good has created 9 full time and 6-part time jobs; 2 apprenticeships, dozens of work placements for youth offenders, lots of capacity and confidence building roles for volunteers! We work hard to develop partnerships with British suppliers such as Carradice who supply our beautiful bags. We’re also supporting local manufacturers by sourcing bike spares made by companies based here with

  • 1. Christmas dinner with all the trimmings For plastic-free veg and some of the best deals, head to your local market. You can get meat without plastic too. Just remember to take your own reusable bags and containers. 2. Christmas wrapping paper Lots of wrapping paper contains plastic. Opt for the understated elegance of brown parcel paper, adding natural decorations like spruce or homemade cookies. 3. Recycled Christmas cards You'll be doing your bit by ordering cards printed on recycled, uncoated cardboard. But if you really want to cut down on waste, send e-cards. 4. Edible Christmas decorations What's better

  • We’re proud to pay above minimum wage to our tailors in Malawi! Our tailors are paid 3 x higher than the minimum wage in Malawi for their work on CoG.  In addition to their living wage they also access a pension scheme, paid annual leave, subsidised childcare and excellent working condition. We have adopted the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code to make sure that everyone in our supply chain is treated fairly.   Cycle Of Good gifts and Presents are made 100% from Recycled MaterialsAll surpluses directly fund the work of the children’s centre

  • Our herd of Elephant bikes started life with us as the unwanted Royal Mail Postal Bike, we took all 20,000 in, sent 8,000 to Malawi where some were sold to Liwonde National Park; home to the majority of Malawi’s protected wildlife. The remaining bikes where kept here in the UK, to be recycled and turned into this fantastic bike and for every one sold in the UK we donate a bike to Malawi where it really will help to change someone’s life. For more information about our Elephant Bike follow the below

  • Did you Know our Recycled Coffee Sack & Inner Tube Duffel is one of our great bags made with the help and support of our fantastic Coffee Sack Suppliers at The Studio Coffee Roasters, Dusty Ape Coffee, Quarter Horse Coffee and Perky Blenders. If you are an avid coffee duff and your local Coffee shop would like to become a supplier of coffee sack please drop us an email with their details.   Cycle Of Good gifts and Presents are made 100% from Recycled MaterialsAll surpluses directly fund the work of the children’s

  • We want to be clear about how your purchase makes a difference, so we’re happy to be up-front about how the money works. This chart shows how 22% of what you pay goes direct to the tailors in Malawi. But that’s not where the good ends! The big green chunk labelled surplus, is the interesting part. If we sell products to a retailer, we share that part with them. If we retail direct to you from our Cycle of Good website, then all of the green part of the pie goes directly

  • Our last order date for Christmas deliveries is 16th December 2019, order now so not to miss out!!!   Cycle Of Good gifts and Presents are made 100% from Recycled MaterialsAll surpluses directly fund the work of the children’s centre in Malawi . It’s why we call it the Cycle of Good!Shop Now

  • Did you know that this year we have received over 20,000 tubes, and each of our small Laptop cases is made up of 3 tubes? So if we made nothing else we could have made 6,500 small laptop cases!!   Cycle Of Good gifts and Presents are made 100% from Recycled MaterialsAll surpluses directly fund the work of the children’s centre in Malawi . It’s why we call it the Cycle of Good!Shop Now

  • Every Cycle of Good product has been made with love by trained artisans in Malawi. Your support has created 20 tailoring and 5 support roles. The salaries mean that the team can support their own families, afford a decent diet, pay school fees and face a secure future. This is vital in Malawi which is one of the poorest countries in the world with fragile harvests, no welfare state and very little access to international markets.  By buying fairly traded Christmas gifts, you make this all possible.   Thank You  

  • Here at Cycle of Good we’ve debated long and hard about the merits and flaws of Black Friday, which on the face of it, is not hard to do. Merits - customers get some savings, the economy is stimulated at a crucial selling time… um, that’s it!  Flaws - the wealthier nations of this world already consume far too much and our fragile planet cannot sustain current levels of growth, resource depletion and waste, so how can anyone in good conscious promote more mindless consumption? Black Friday deals are typically pushing consumers

  • Wow, what an amazing day here at Cycle of Good, twenty superstar eco-warrior children came to check out our recycling credentials and to have a go at their own recycling project. They may be only five years old but the children knew their stuff, they told George Furnival, Uk Manager of Cycle of Good, all about how they turn trash to treasure at school and how they want to, "stop making so much rubbish". The children from St John the Baptist's RC Primary School, were accompanied by their inspirational teachers. They have

  • Ex Royal Mail Work Bikes makes business in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world. For the majority of the population owning a van or lorry is about as likely as owning a helicopter. But purchasing a solid utility bike is manageable with some careful saving and hard work. And once a family own a bicycle, studies show that household income levels rise by at least 35%, this is not insignificant when nearly 80% of the population are living on less than $2 a day. So sending bikes to

  • Every year BBC Radio Stoke honours those that go above and beyond to make a difference to life in Staffordshire and Cheshire. Meet Joe ! "The Most Gentle man I have Ever Met " A Former School Deputy Head, Community Activist who loves Cricket,  supports Crewe Alexander and wants to make the world a more equal place.   Did I mention he has volunteered for multiple charities every week for over 10 years? We are so happy that Joe has been nominated for BBC Radio Stoke ‘Make A Difference’ Awards.   He continues to put back into

  • Come and Join Cycle Of Good at the Cycle Show 2019. The Cycle Show is an for everyone who loves cycling, you can get advice from your favourite brands, try out the latest products, meet your cycling heroes and indulge in all things cycling. If you have always wanted to try an Elephant Bike or wanted a closer look then we are at the Cycle Show 2019. We will have different sizes and colours of Elephant Bikes on show alongside our upcycled range of gift wear made from recycled innertube. Try Before

  • Cycle of Good are exhibiting! We'll be at the Harrogate Home & Gift expo from 14th-17th July providing fantastic buying opportunities on Cycle of Good products. Our products offer a unique point of interest to any store, bringing recycling, social enterprise and ethical products to the conscious consumer. Stay ahead of the competition and be part of the Cycle of Good! Sign up for a wholesale account today and join the campaign to save inner tubes from landfill. Promote the message and earn generous revenues at the same time.

  • Acquiring an Ex Royal Mail Bike was a game changer for  Timothy Pondani, or Mr Woza Woza as he is now known. Timothy lives in a fairly typical Malawian village called Sigrege. If you are ever in the vicinity, you’ll notice Tim because of his beaming smile and warm friendly nature. And you can’t fail to miss his Royal Mail bike, painted in his own bespoke colours and generally with a small happy child sitting in the front carrier.   Tim once worked at a popular Italian restaurant in Namiwawa (a wealthy

  • Guest Blog : Alan Ackroyd I can't remember when I bought my huge dutch panniers For a few years I adapted the rack on my town bike of the time to take them but use needed some care because if I loaded them fully the bike would do a riderless wheelie when unlocked from a rack. I found this disconcerting, so the hunt was on for a rack and bike combination to enable the weekly supermarket shop to be done in one hit with the panniers. Royal Mail Postie Bikes For several years

  • We've been working in Malawi to help establish non-profit enterprises and educational settings in Malawi for the past ten years, it's been exciting and incredibly humbling work. None of it would have been possible without the support we have from some talented international volunteers. Thoughout the ten years, over a hundred highly skilled professional people,  ranging from architects to teachers have offered their skills and given up six months of their lives to live and work for our projects in Chilomoni, just outside of Blantyre in Malawi. We are now seeking

  • Why on earth would any charity on a mission to provide sustainable transport solutions for one of the poorest countries in the world, send a load of bikes to Malawi and then bring them back to the UK?! It's a good question and one that has quite a long answer. Here's the story

  •        Having been lucky enough to have visited Malawi on a regular basis over the past ten years, it was a huge shock to the system to land at Chileka Airport in Blantyre to find myself shivering with cold! Then I realised I’ve always managed to avoid visit Malawi in the depths of winter and it was especially apparent this year, having left the UK basking in glorious sunshine. But needs must, and the need for my trip this time was especially exciting! The reason for this trip stemmed from a

  • ***PRESS RELEASE*** May 15th 2018 A Right Royal Wedding Gift As Harry’s Elephants Help Charity! You’ve heard about the difficulty postmen can have being chased by dogs, well when elephants began chasing the red Royal Mail bikes of game wardens in Malawi, they were lucky to escape with their lives! Luckily, UK Charity, “Cycle of Good” re-sprayed the British-made bikes green which seemed to calm the elephants, not long before Prince Harry helped rescue the over-crowded animals to move them to a less populated game reserve where they are now much happier.

  • We’ve always got at least half an eye on the future here at Cycle of Good, and recently we’ve been busily developing ideas by working alongside the product designers of the future. Keen students from Huddersfield University, as well as Buxton and Leek College, have been grappling with The Great Inner Tube Design Challenge as part of their product design and art courses and have come up with some exciting prospects. Around 40 students from Huddersfield presented their ideas following an intensive week of workshops where they learned about inner tubes

  • By Caroline Denny,  Cycle of Good Volunteer, Blantyre, Malawi In rural Malawi job opportunities are rare but today I had the chance to see one success story that is transforming the life of many people in a village. I am volunteering for Cycle of Good (Cog) in Malawi and went with Mary Kamwendo the manager of Cog to see where the woven bicycle panniers and front baskets for the Elephant bikes are made.  We travelled 40km outside of Blantyre, turned off the main road at Lilangwe and drove on untarred tracks

  • Introducing Alfred Madzuma Cycle of Good is transforming the lives of not just its own tailors but others such as Alfred. This is Alfred working outside his house making baskets from used plastic wrapping tape. “The weaving is hard work but I love making them as I know selling them to Cycle of Good means I can support my family”. Alfred tells us, “I have a wife and 2 children, Julius is 12 and Mercy is 8. At the moment  I rent a very small house but my aim is to

  • 10 years ago, we shipped our first 40 foot container from the UK to Malawi.

  • Welcome to our brand new Cycle of Good website, we hope you enjoy having a good look around and getting to know us.