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Tailors: Chisomo Lombola, Cecilia Chisaka, Agnes Phiri, Martha Nalivata, Elita Kamoto, Violet Chassano, Ida Baluti, Yamikani Chandiyang’ana

Lead Tailor: Matilda Jalasi

Project Manager: Mary Kamwendo

Volunteer Project Facilitator: Caroline Denny

All of the Cycle of Good team in Malawi live in the township of Chilomoni where the workshop is situated. They have all completed a two year diploma in Tailoring and Design, using old sewing machines donated from the UK, they learned all techniques necessary for dressmaking. Since then, they have completed further training focused on accessories production, offered by international volunteers. Regular, reliable employment is essential (although hard to come by) in Malawi. With no welfare state, if you cannot work, you cannot support your family.

Cycle of Good pays above the national living wage and offers full employment rights such as paid holiday and pensions. Agnes is a widow who has two children, she says “Working with COG has seriously changed my life in a way that I have acquired some skills for example in sewing, and I can say that on my own I am an expert in my career. And talking about the salary, I am now able to support my family” Cecilia also explains the transformation for her family life As a woman, working with Beehive has helped me to acquire some sewing skills making me an expert in my career. Meanwhile, the salary we earn by working as tailors at COG really helps in providing my home basic needs.” Cecilia has three children aged between 10 and 17 years old.

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